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Assi Citron Tea

A traditional Korean herbal tea made from citron and honey.  Just stir in one tablespoon to a cup of cold or hot water for instant tea.

Can also be used for flavoring smoothies, or on bread as a preserve.



Get your vitamin C fix!  This fruit is actually a cross between a pomelo and a grapefruit.  It is similar in flavor to a sweet grapefruit.  


NJ Pei Pa Koa

is a traditional Chinese natural herbal remedy used for the relief of sore throat, coughs, hoarseness, and loss of voice.

It is a throat demulcent and expectorant.


Butternut Squash

is a variety of winter squash.

Did you know?  A cup of cubed provides 582 mg of potassium, more than the amount available in a banana!

queso de bola

Magnolia Queso de Bola

It's that time of the year again! A traditional Filipino Christmas would not be complete without the delectable cheese ball known as queso de bola.

fresh guava


Guava oh so fresh. Some call it guayaba, others know it as bayabas!

Pair it with your favorite fish like bangus, for a tasty sinigang sa bayabas.